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o2JaM Solo.ツ
  • An offline o2JaM for personal fun and practices!
    Best viewed in "1024x768" resolution and above.

    Files Download.

    o2JaM Ph Client.

  • Download.

    o2JaM SongPack.

  • Download.

    o2JaM Solo Client. 0.7

  • Download, MediaFire.
  • Download, iFile.

    RAR Files Extractor.

  • Download, 7Zip.
  • Download, iFile.



    Skin Designed by: AhBeNツ

  • O2JaM Solo. [Unofficial.]
    Meaning, to play O2JaM in OFFLINE mode only.
    There will be NO ONE in game except yourself.
    Good for personal fun and practices!
    Since "o2jam.com.my" closed down, some countries like 'SG' and 'MY' is not able to play o2jam.
    Therefore, those affected can download these to play for fun yourself.

    To play O2JaM solo,
    Download these file first located at the right of this page,

    o2JaM Ph Client. [If you already have, you do not have to download.]
    o2JaM SongPack. [If you already have, you do not have to download.]
    o2JaM Solo Client. 0.7 [Must download to play o2JaM Solo.]

    {Optional}RAR Files Extractor. [To extract the RAR format files.]


    [Simple] I assume That you use The http://www.o2jam.com.ph/ version

    1 ) Install o2jam client
    2 ) Patch the client [ So you could have the Latest files ]
    3 ) Now Extract the O2solo Global 0.7 to [ example: C:/Program Files/e-games/O2JAM ]
    4 ) Now Run O2solo.exe in program files.
    5 ) You might want to create a destop shortcut for O2solo.exe.
    6 ) Then Click [ Make Music List ]
    7 ) Click Your Client Name [ example: O2jam Philippines ]

    That's about all!

    8 ) Extract o2jam_SongPack.zip to any location you can remember.
    9 ) Open the SongPack folder, select-drag over all the songs file .zip ONLY.
    10) Extract to [ example: C:/Program Files/e-games/o2Jam/music ]
    11) Make sure all the files is in [ example: C:/Program Files/e-games/o2Jam/music ] and NO sub-folder, XX[ example: C:/Program Files/e-games/o2Jam/music/songpack

    Thats all!

    ***Miscellaneous ***
    Changing Name of Character
    on O2solo global screen Click player Settings
    Then on Name Put Your desired Name.

    Changing Level of the Character
    On O2solo Global Screen Click Player Settings the On level
    Put Number from 1-100

    Changing Character's Gender
    On Player settings, Change the number to desired gender
    0 = Girl
    1 = Boy

    For those who Have problems in Player settings, Remember to Hit Save, the restart the o2solo

    Items Cannot be bought the usual way,

    First go to Item shop ,
    Buy as many items as you like ,
    Hit buy, when on thetransaction window,
    Press alt + F4 on keyboard ,
    Click Go to Shop ,
    Exit channel and go to world selection ,
    re enter another room and check the items in your room.

    ***sets cannot be bought If you by a set It will give you another Item***

    *I take no credits for the above instructions and files!!
    *I just modified a little to the instructions.
    *I only take credits for making this page!

    Credits goes to,
    Ragezone user name: marcden .
    for making the guide.

    Kishi For Posting It.
    NsIn Team For making the O2solo Global 0.7.